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MVCU's Credit Card Is One Of The Best Around


SPECIAL:  Balance Transfer at 6.9%apr for the life of the loan ...with no balance transfer fees! (all mvcu loans are excluded from this special)


No Balance Transfer Fees

No Over The Limit Fees

No Annual Fee

And Much Much More..


Transfer over those high balance credit cards and consolidate them into MVCU's Visa Platinum Credit Card. Our Platinum Credit Card has no balance transfer fees, no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees. All of this with a rate of interest as low as 9.9%APR* Most credit cards rates can be as high as 26%APR or more. Don't have a MVCU Platinum Visa credit card? Get one today and take advantage of this great deal!


Benefits of Transferring Your Balance(s)

You could save time, and money, with a balance transfer. For example, you could:


1. Reduce the number of companies you pay each month

2. Pay off your debt sooner (which may improve your credit score)

3. Lower the amount of interest you pay.


In addition, you can track your spending on purchases and all your activity at . We do not charge hidden transaction fees, over limit fees, or minimum fees either. So spread the news: When you're looking for a fair deal on a credit card, look no farther than your credit union. So don't wait and get all stressed out. Apply today and transfer over to MVCU those high rate credit card balances. Cut your old cards up because you will never need them again.


Visa Disclosure



Apply for your MVCU Visa Platinum Credit Card online or call one of our offices for an application at 419-872-1201 or 419-382-4071, we'll be glad to mail you one.

  *annual percentage rate



Shop Online With Added Confidence!

You can now password protect your Visa card with Verified by Visa (click on flashing logo below). Shop with added safety! Activate your card today!

EZ Card Info

Get your Credit Card information now online. The site,, enables credit card holders who can access a standard Web browser via PC to view their current MVCU card account information.

By Simply typing in the, you can get:

  • Account Balance
  • Available Credit
  • Amount & Date of Last Payment
  • Minimum Payment Amount & Due Date
  • Last Statement Date
  • Cash Advance Limit
  • Transaction Posted Since Last Statement
  • Transfer Balances

Visa's 24 Hour Phone Lines for Balances and Lost or Stolen Cards:
1-800-808-7230 (on Weekdays)
1-800-991-4964 (on Weekends & After Hours)


Once you have MVCU's

Platinum Card, it will be the

only card you'll ever need

Apply for your card today!

APR=annual percentage rate

Monday, November 20, 2017
This institution is not federally insured, and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money. Members' accounts are not insured or guaranteed by any government or government-sponsored agency.