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  Telephone Banking (MATT)  
Computer Hotline/MATT (419-381-2447)
The Maumee Valley Credit Union has a computer hot line available and it is known by the name of MATT (Midnight Access Teller Terminal). MATT gives you 24 hour information and special transaction service through a touch tone telephone. From the comfort of your home, car or office phone, you can access our computer and perform the following transactions by calling 419-381-2447 or 419-381-24HR or
1-800-890-7931 ext.#42.

MATT guide listed below:

Welcome Announcement
1. Hours
2. Rates - Call Office For Rates
3. Access Your Account: Account No., _ _ _ _ #sign, 4 Digit PIN _ _ _ _ (if new acct. get PIN from office)

    1. Share & Loan Balances
        1. Gives the Sub-Account Numbers and Balances
        2. CD Balances
        3. Loan Pay Off (this menu will give you your sub account number for your loans)

    2. Statement Information
        1. Last 10 Transactions on Sub-Acct. (09-29 - Checking)
        2. Interim Statement (Current Month) - Fee $3.00 per page
        3. Copy of Last Statement Sent - Fee $3.00 per page
        4. Inquiry on a Check
        5. Last 25 Checks Cleared
        6. Dividend Information

    3. Money Transactions
        1. Withdrawal by Check-Fee $5.00 per check
        2. Transfer between Accounts (Savings to Checking)
        3. Loan Payments

    4. Access Another Account Number

    5. PIN Change
        1. Process
        2. Cancel

    Press 9 - Repeats the Menu of Transactions
    Press 0 - Returns you to Main Menu


00 - Savings
02 - Christmas Club
03 - IRA's
04 - Vacation Account
10 - Super Saver

14-19 Checking Account
20-49 Certificate of Deposit Accounts

96 - 99 Overdraft Protection
50 - 95 Loan Numbers

To verify your sub account number:
Press #3 To Access Your Account 
Press #1 Share & Loan Balances 
Press #1 again which will give you Sub-Account Numbers and Balances


Online Banking is a great way to stay on top of your finances, with the convenience of being able to stay home.

Monday, November 20, 2017
This institution is not federally insured, and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money. Members' accounts are not insured or guaranteed by any government or government-sponsored agency.