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  Anytime Banking  
  Maumee Valley Credit Union now offers three services called Express Banking. These services offer access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Online Banking, Bill Pay and MATT (24 hour phone service) you can conduct most of your transactions in the comfort of your home or office.  
  Online Banking  
  Our members can now conduct all their business transactions with just a click away. All you need is a personal or business computer and the internet and away you go. You must first contact one of our offices to receive the necessary instructions to get started.  
  Online Bill Pay  
  With Online Bill Pay, you can receive and pay all of your bills online with the click of a mouse. Pay anyone including your cable bill, your phone bill-even your baby sitter – at anytime – from anywhere. Online Bill Pay is a FREE service.  
  Online Applications  
  Want to apply for an auto loan or would you like to start a new checking with MVCU. You can now fill out your application online. The application that we receive will be confidential and secured (note lock box at bottom of application). A Service Representative will respond back to you as soon as your application is received.  
  Debit/ATM Cards  
  All you need is one card to take care of all your electronic needs. Our MasterMoney (Master Card) Debit Card is your ATM, Check, and Point of Sale card all in one. You can access your card through the ATM networks of Star, Cirrus and Alliance One. If you just have a savings account, we can still offer you with electronic access with our Star ATM Card.  
  MVCU has two site locations, one in the City of Toledo and the other in the City of Perrysburg. Click on Locations for a site map for directions.  
  Telephone Banking  
  MVCU has a 24-hour teller that gives you access to your accounts through a touch-tone telephone. When you use MATT (Midnight Access Teller Terminal), you’re talking directly with our computer system, so receiving information is easy and accurate.  
  Valuable Services  
  MVCU offers additional services to our members; from bank reconcilements to free notary service. See your credit union first before you get charged for a service that is already available to you.  
  Useful Links  
  A collection of useful links that include: financial tools, mortgage Information, local businesses, publications, and community information.  
Monday, November 20, 2017
This institution is not federally insured, and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money. Members' accounts are not insured or guaranteed by any government or government-sponsored agency.